7 Wonders Board Game Review

There are some video games, simple, but so revolutionary that the moment they hit the marketplace, turn out to be on the spot hits. 7 Wonders is one among them. With a load of awards already gained, let’s see what makes this sport precise M88

Game Overview

7 Wonders is essentially a card recreation in which every participant takes manage of 1 top notch historic city: Rhodes. Alexandria, Ephesus, Babylon, Olympia, Halicarnassus or Giza and tries to make it the leading metropolis of the Ancient global. To acquire this goal, players ought to make the most herbal resources, broaden trade relationships with neighbouring towns, advance in technology and lift a powerful military. Moreover gamers have the opportunity to built a surprise in their city with the intention to earn greater victory points or other bonuses. The wonder is built in three ranges (besides one city which makes use of 2 degrees). The game takes location over three Ages through which the applicable card deck is used. In each Age gamers have the opportunity to expand their cities and build a wonder by playing 6 playing cards selected though a drafting device,similar of that used in Magic The Gathering. At the give up of the 1/3 Age gamers remember their victory points and the player with the most VP is asserted the winner.

At the start of the game every participant is assigned a city randomly (there is also the choice of every participant selecting the metropolis he/she prefers) as well as the facet of the town they’ll play. Each player board is double-sided (A & B aspects) with each side having distinct requirements and bonuses for each stage of Wonder constructing. Each town is able to produce a aid, shown within the top left nook of the board.

At the start of each Age, each participant gets a hand of seven playing cards, dealt randomly, from the corresponding deck. Each Age is made of 6 recreation turns. During every flip the players placed into play a unmarried card, concurrently.

A recreation turn takes area as follows:

1. Choose a card

2. Action

3. Give your hand of playing cards to the participant sitting in your left or proper and receive another hand of cards from the player sitting subsequent to you.

All playing cards represent a specific shape and are of the subsequent kind:

Brown Cards (Raw Materials). These are useful resource systems. They deliver certainly one of more gadgets of timber, clay, stone or ore
Gray Cards (Manufactured items). These are systems that produce synthetic goods: Loom, papyrus and glass.
Yellow playing cards (Commercial systems). These playing cards might also earn cash, produce assets, change trade rules and once in a while earn victory factors.
Red playing cards (Military systems). They constitute army systems which furnish military power.
Blue playing cards (Civilian systems). These cards award victory points
Green cards (Scientific structures). These cards constitute era advancement and score victory factors depending on progress in 3 distinct medical fields.
Purple playing cards (Guilds). They earn victory points relying at the variety of equal-coloration playing cards or levels of wonders built via the player or/and his neighbours.
After deciding on a card, comes the motion section of the game, wherein players can choose among 3 different moves:

construct the structure they selected within the previous step. Each card has a fee in resources or cash however some aid cards may be played without cost. Moreover building particular systems throughout an Age allows you to build totally free a few different structrures in the next Age e.G in case you build the Scriptorium in Age I, you may build for free the Library in Age II. If you don’t have sufficient sources to construct a shape you may continually trade together with your neighbouring cities so long as they produce the aid you are searching out. You ought to pay 2 coins to get the aid you want (but with the aid of building a few trade (yellow) structures you may lessen this fee to 1 coin).
Construct a level of the surprise by paying the applicable value (shown at the player board) and the use of the chosen card as a construction marker
discard the chosen card to get 3 coins
After choosing a card and appearing an action with it, gamers deliver the closing cards to the left (for Ages I and III) or to the proper (for Age II) and the game keeps this way till gamers acquire the ultimate 2 cards, wherein factor, players must choose one card and discard the alternative. At this factor that’s the give up of an Age, military war begins and gamers warfare with their neighbours by using comparing the number of shields on their structures (crimson cards) with every neighbour and gaining a battle token (nice or negative) for each war. The game now progresses to the next Age, until all three Ages are completed.


I admit that once I first played this game a few months ago, I didn’t locate it too staggering. I needed to play it again some more instances to comprehend its intensity. And it does genuinely have sufficient intensity to keep you trying to play an increasing number of as soon as you realize that. There is enough room here for a load of different strategies, relying not most effective on the town you play with additionally on what method different players put into effect. And it truly is due to the fact trying to put off different gamers techniques is acore detail of the game. Most instances you’ll find yourself suffering with essential selections which includes “Should I choose this card that suits my strategy or perhaps have to I block my opponent by using using a card he needs as an example to build a stage of my surprise?” It’s a game of continuous choice making and good fortune would not play any position. Many times you will move for a one or two-colour approach, in particular if making a decision to select inexperienced “technology” playing cards but other instances you will try to balance among many colours.

The art work of the sport is just first rate, especilally the participant boards depicting each of the seven wonders. Cards are easy however green in layout and tokens (cash and confllict tokens) just satisfy their position.

Lets go through our typical score gadget to speak approximately the aspects of a sport that actually remember:


As I stated earlier than, aesthetics of the game are in a excessive stage. The field instance draws interest immediately with a beautiful mix of wonders depicted within the the front. Player forums are colourful and illustrate the marvel of the metropolis in complex detail. Cards are safely designed, simple and stable. Coin and war tokens can be higher if the have been of timber or metallic (maybe in a deluxe edition??). Overall 8/10


The heart of each sport!. 7 Wonders really makes miracles right here as it keeps wanting for extra on every occasion you finish a sport. Mechanics are polished and distinct towns are perfectly balanced. A good deal of techniques to pick from:you may consciousness on resource collecting aiming for heavy fee cards in the final Age, balance between manufacturing and trade or even alternate the regulations of commerce. You can pick out to disregard navy development or not to or awareness on technology. But consider to continually preserve a watch on your fighters moves too. Gameplay is rapid and is unbiased of the quantity of playes as all movements are achieved simultaneously. Nine/10

Learning Curve:

Although the 12-web page manual may appear daunting before everything, the game is quite easy at its center and quite easy to don’t forget for future video games. After dedicating some time to study the policies as soon as, all turns into clear and after a few games you’ll have mastered all the info. Last web page of the guide could be very beneficial because it carries all essential data approximately the cards of the sport. 7/10


Artwork helps a chunk here. Structures are depicted at the playing cards with stunning photos and the wonders are very impressively drawn on players forums. However this isn’t a game of awesome immersion. The thoughts focuses plenty at the first-class strategy to win rather than the subject matter of the game. 6/10


7 Wonders is at its great here. As soon as you get the hold close of it, you just keep wanting for greater. Every game is a specific one and there is tons area for unique techniques checking out. Although sport guidelines are pretty simple of their core, the game is complicated enough to hold you interested. Nine/10


The a laugh thing in 7 wonders stems from it’s strategic intensity and replayability. It is not a recreation a good way to make you chuckle and interplay among gamers is minimal (most effective commerce and all through the army battle phase). 6/10


Each recreation is exceptional
There is not a unmarried method that will lead to the win. Strategy will usually depend upon fighters approach as properly.
Beautiful art work
2-sided player forums allow for even more variety in the sport
Not plenty player interaction
Little immersion