Auto Trends: Hyundai-Kia in 2015 and Beyond

General Motors, Volkswagen and Toyota are battling for world supremacy with every automaker promising to construct at least 10 million motors annually in a quest to become primary. No producer has hit that production threshold but despite the fact that GM has come closest numerous instances. In a distant fourth vicinity is the Hyundai Kia Automotive Group, along with the two biggest Korean car manufacturers. Hyundai Kia may be in fourth area, however it is gaining on its opponents and may some day emerge as the top-promoting car producer within the global.

Read on for some car tendencies that might put Hyundai and Kia over the pinnacle:

Efficient manufacturing — While different automakers are closing plants, Hyundai is carefully establishing new plant life in markets wherein it can fine revel in most performance. New flora have come online in Russia and in the Czech Republic, and Hyundai is adding a third shift to its U.S. Plant in Alabama. Rather than have too much ability, the automaker is holding down prices by way of maximizing production at its existing flowers. Cost containment is the heart of Hyundai control as its cars are automatically 5 percentage cheaper and provide more general content material for better general value.

Shared platforms — Though technically separate, Hyundai and Kia are joined at the hip as Hyundai has a 38 percent stake in Kia. The groups operate a few flora one at a time, but share platforms wherever wished, saving every organization cash. The Hyundai Sonata and Kia Optima are examples of automobiles that proportion engines and transmissions, with turbocharged models additionally available. Look for even closer collaboration among the two inside the years to come with near general integration completed within the next five years. Hyundai may be remade as a top class logo within the U.S. And Kia turns into its widespread bearer.

Expanded model traces — Hyundai in Europe is pretty special from the Hyundai inside the United States and in Canada. In Europe, the automaker has had achievement with its i40 line, what is called the Sonata in the U.S. In Europe, this vehicle is offered as a sedan and a wagon, the latter frame fashion anticipated to reach in North America via 2014. It can be joined via a coupe with a convertible model also bought. Look for Hyundai to maximise its product traces by bringing to the marketplace new models with its Hexa space interior featured. Hexa capabilities precise rear doorways that raise and slide returned for ease of rear seat access.

Electric vehicles — Hyundai normally follows the market leaders by ready to carry innovative vehicles to the marketplace after the others have tested the waters. In 2011, we noticed the primary turbocharged models. By 2015, Hyundai will promote an electric powered automobile, probably one that is based totally on its I-oniq concept. That automobile is just 14 ft long capabilities a coupe layout, seats four and consists of a rear hatchback. It will encompass a lightweight lithium polymer battery, simply the type of battery device that offers a longer range and a decrease production value.

Fuel cells — Hyundai has a wild card up its sleeve and this is its secretive gas cellular technology program. While Toyota, GM, BMW and a few others have promised to deliver manufacturing hydrogen motors to the marketplace beginning in 2015, Hyundai has quietly been working on its own vehicles. Prototypes of its iX35 SUV have been tested in Korea and in Europe, automobiles providing a 350-mile variety. The prototypes fall a long way quick of expectations and could probable yield a greater modern-day vehicle with improved engineering way to Hyundai’s partnership with the United Technologies Corporation.

Emerging Markets

Another way that Hyundai will push up within the ranks of vehicle manufacturers is through growing motors which are fully desirable for emerging markets. Hyundai has a sturdy presence in India, building cars that inexpensive and appropriate for that market. As these emerging markets broaden, every one will help catapult Hyundai to the pinnacle, pretty possibly allowing this Korean producer to sell 12 million worldwide units yearly as soon as 2025.

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