Color Copier – Do You Really Need One?

Recently I changed into working with a customer in Owings Mills Maryland who became purchasing a brand new Toshiba copier

Like lots of my repeat and new customers one in every of his main considerations was whether or not he surely needed to upgrade to a color copier or might the black copier be OK for his wishes.

One of the primary questions I ask in this example is “how are you dealing with colour copies and prints now?”. Typically my customers are doing one among things: 1) they outsource their colour printing to Staples, Office Depot or a nearby printer or 2) they print them out on a computing device colour printer.

Once I even have set up what they’re doing now my subsequent questions is “what number of color copies or prints are you doing in step with month and year?” Many instances my customers do not really understand their genuine quantity so we should do a little investigative work.

One useful approach is list out on a chunk of paper all the distinctive kinds of colour copies and prints they do at some stage in a year and then list beside every task the approximate quantity they do for that venture consistent with month and year.

I suppose it is vital to have a look at this yearly due to the fact often there are printing initiatives which are only completed a couple of times a yr and the purchaser has a tendency to neglect about the ones projects if we are most effective wondering in a month-to-month context.

In the case of this client once we listed out all of his annual color printing wishes he only did approximately 500 coloration prints per year. I remember this a totally low shade extent.

I counseled him that this did not justify buying a shade system and he must hold to send the ones jobs out to a printer.

I did also discover that he turned into sending his jobs often to Office Depot. OUCH!! Can you are saying steeply-priced. I cautioned him to find a locally owned print keep or go online where in either case the costs might be drastically less than Office Depot or Staples.

In the scenario of a corporation doing lots of shade copies and prints per month I would suggest thinking about a colour copier.

It comes right down to doing the mathematics. How many color prints and copies do you do according to year instances what you pay according to replica/print at a nearby print save versus what you would pay to do them in house in your very own color copier.

Once you recognize those numbers you need to recollect the introduced cost of a coloration copier as opposed to a black copier. Your purchase price or rent charge will sincerely be higher for a colour copier than a general black copier but in lots of cases it is well worth it.

Another attention is the time worried in calling a printer, driving there to drop off art work if essential and then driving returned to the printer to select up the process. As all of us realize during the commercial enterprise day Monday-Friday our time is money and I feel this is a valid attention whilst figuring out to shop for a shade copier or a black copier.

When it comes to neighborhood printers I actually have visible shade copies/prints executed in the range of 15 to 35 cents each. This is simply my experience and your neighborhood printer might also do them for much less.

With a Toshiba copier (which is the emblem I sell) you can make a coloration copy or print for anywhere from five-10 cents each. Where you will fall in this variety relies upon on what size shade copier we are talking of.