Corporate Flight Attendant Training Options

Finding paintings as a corporate flight attendant can be an onerous manner as, unlike the industrial carriers, maximum business jets do no longer require a flight attendant to work onboard an aircraft. Add to the mix that many operators do now not prefer to use flight attendants and the market tightens up even greater. Still, there is work available for folks who aspire to fly on a non-public jet. Before heading down that street, many businesses do require which you have some form of company particular training before you can even observe for a process. Let’s take a brief examine various types of schooling applications available and what they ought to offer aviation web site design.

Culinary Training

If you have already got a culinary historical past, you have got a leg up on this enterprise because the meals customarily served to passengers on commercial enterprise jets is similar to the meals served at five star eating places. Still, it’s miles critical for the successful candidate to recognise the way to order catering, the way to accurately plate food, recognize what exemplary food provider is, recognise right food dealing with and safety strategies, and have a robust heritage in wine service. Training organizations including Integrity Flight Crews, LLC, The Corporate School of Etiquette, Corporate Flight Attendant Training, and Corporate Flight Solutions can all be beneficial in teaching you food service techniques. Most of these styles of classes are one to 3 days in duration.

Basic Indoctrination

If you’ve got never flown earlier than or if you have never flown on a company jet, groups imparting training geared towards running on a private jet have training packages in place. These applications usually encompass food service strategies, cabin protection education such as security training, emergency evacuation, fireplace protection, first resource, and ditching. Some programs meet positive FAR requirements such as the ones found below FARs 142, 135, and ninety one. Training groups inclusive of Corporate Flight Solutions, Alteon Training, LLC, FACTs/AirCare, FlightSafety International, and Beyond and Above Corporate Flight Attendant Training all provide training geared towards supporting people find work as a corporate flight attendant. Most of these types of classes last up to 5 days.

Specialized Training

While now not a necessary a part of flight attendant training, there are groups presenting specialized training that is going beyond the education provided through the ordinary company flight attendant education application. These applications consist of Jeff Hare Safety and Survival Systems, S.T.A.R.K., MedAire, in addition to a few others. These styles of training are typically for one or two days.

Keep in thoughts, since the FARs do not specially require a corporate flight attendant to be onboard an plane with less than twenty passenger seats, that no training that you take makes you an authorized corporate flight attendant. There isn’t any such designation recognized by using the FAA. People take schooling to learn the abilties vital to work non-public jet cabins and galleys in addition to to present them an area in relation to hiring. Most folks that call themselves company flight attendants pay for their own training that may cost them upwards of $5000. There is not any assure that you may locate employment once you complete your training both.

Finally, now not all packages are equal and not all applications supplying “company flight attendant schooling” are programs that are identified by using the Federal Aviation Administration or through members of the National Business Aviation Association. Shop around and study extra approximately what commercial enterprise aviation is all approximately on official forums and internet sites together with the Corporate Flight Attendant Community [please click on the link in the resource box].

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