Evacuation Chairs and Rescue Stretchers – The Different Types Explained

Rescue conditions can require a number of expert stretchers relying on the character of the emergency, casualties concerned and the terrain to negotiate. While a few stretchers are very adaptable and can be used in a ramification of circumstances there are instances whilst you’ll want to install a particular kind of stretcher.

Pole stretchers
These were in carrier for over one hundred years now and still provide the backbone to stretcher offerings. Ideally used when giant numbers are required in short time. They are clean to save and provide exquisite, short-time period solutions to shifting sufferers out of immediately danger.

Baskets stretchers
The basket stretchers are best for negotiating tough terrain and can be assembled on-site, making transporting them smooth. With the usage of strapping, their cradle production securely holds the casualty in location and makes an appropriate choice for mountainous territory or for rescues related to airlifts with the aid of helicopter. They can incorporate spine boards to assist casualties with again accidents, and protecting covers if there’s a hazard from falling particles.

evacuation chair
Their seated layout makes them the ideal answer for buying injured people out of harms manner where it is vital to manoeuvre via narrow spaces or up and down stairways. They are not ideal if the individual has injured their spine. These innovative chairs come in a ramification of designs that can be operated through one or two people, have collapsible carrying factors and wheels to make negotiating stairs less complicated.

Sked stretchers
Sked stretchers are very adaptable for annoying environments and can be prepared for the use of across rugged terrain, the inclusion of floatation devices makes them an excellent preference for water rescues and their moulded plastic bases suggest they slide resultseasily over snowy ground.

Hoisting stretchers
Raising and decreasing casualties from hazard is a challenging task and designs like the nicely-established Neil Robertson stretcher or the Paraguard stretcher are purposely designed for hoisting sufferers. Securely certain in area, the injured character may be safely raised or decreased from narrow areas, up cliff faces or down the outsides of homes.

Scoop stretchers
The break up creation stretchers are best while an injured person has a suspected spinal or neck damage. They may be lightly located across the affected person with out moving them and causing further harm.

Ambulance stretchers
Once the injured person has been eliminated from harms manner and checked, heavy-obligation Ambulance stretchers are to be had for their care, delivery and comfort. Collapsible, wheeled and padded they are specifically designed to maintain sufferers safe and comfortable for the duration of transit among the emergency website and health center.

As a part of his engineering diploma Alex ran a project on evac chairs. He is an expert on all sorts of stretcher.