Famous Parks in Barcelona

Park Central Poble Nou:
Also called Parc Central del Poble Nou in Spanish language, that is taken into consideration to be one of the youngest parks of Barcelona. The park designed through Jean Nouvel of France become opened for public in 2007. This triangle shaped park shot into fame in this brief time period. Many form of flora are still to find their area in this park and paintings in this regard remains happening. The park is located at the confluence of three main roads in Barcelona; the park also has a basket ball court, desk tennis vicinity and kid’s park parc central ec.

There is a beautiful flower tunnel. A section has been created for fragrant flora which make the traveller clean in thoughts and body. Beautifully designed, the park is clearly the most perfect vicinity for taking walks and walking. This park has now grow to be the pleasant park of the community and at the lines of this park many different parks were designed in Barcelona.

Parc De la Ciutadella:
This big park measuring about 30 hectares is the ‘in no way to miss’ location of Barcelona. It become certainly a navy area all through the duration of Felipe V. He sincerely desired to assemble a castle on this location and he even demolished the nearby town for the purpose. However it became General Prim who demolished the fortress however retained the Presidential palace, chapel and the navy stores. Later the government of Spain converted the vicinity into a park. The park is well-known for its rich plants, tall trees, lovely plant life and different uncommon species of flora and fauna.

The specialty of this park is its aromatic grass on which you can still loosen up, chat with near and expensive ones, revel in the guitar performed for one’s enjoyment through artists, and so on. You can go for a long walk. There is a zoo interior this park which every traveler must in no way miss. One can see the wild animals in their herbal habitat. The sea isn’t a ways away from this park.

The park additionally has a zoological museum which pastimes every segment of site visitors. There is a huge lake which has facilities for boating. There are beautiful waterfalls and fountains. The whole park is luxuriously illuminated and it is a stunningly stunning sight at night. There also are many interesting works of sculpture inclusive of steel cat and General Prim’s statue which is surrounded by stunning flowers. In short, the park is a world in itself.