How to Boost Your Wireless Router’s Internet Security

With Wireless Routers gaining popularity nowadays, more and more people are finding ways to either use the signals for free or using other people’s identity to do things online. These are possible because the router uses radio signals to transmit your information, in which anyone within the signal’s range can have access to if it is not secured. Thus, in order to buck up on your Internet security, here are some things you could do. http //

First, you could make your Wi-fi not visible. This can be done by logging into your base station management Website, and then have the SSID Broadcast disabled. This way, anyone looking for a wireless network will not be able to see your network in the list. By doing this, passers-by and neighbors cannot take advantage of your network, especially since they cannot see or detect it in the first place.

Another thing you can do is to set the range which your wireless network can reach. This means, if your router can reach maybe two block away, set it so that it can only reach the far end of your house or apartment. This can be done by purchasing the right router, in which signal range in limited to the intended space, or you can reduce the transmission strength by removing or readjusting the router’s antenna so that it will focus its strength accordingly.

Other than that, you can disable the remote admin. When it in enabled, you will be able to access the router through the means of Internet. Thus, disabling it means you can only access the router from the router itself. The disabling can be done by logging onto your base station Website, and then choosing to disable it.

One of the most obvious and simplest thing to do is o select a password that is difficult to crack. Do not use very common passwords, like your name, birth date, easy string of numbers, or anything extremely common. Try to use a combination of letters, numbers and symbols, which is much harder to figure out. Changing your password can be done by logging onto the base station Website and change the password from the default one.