How to Remove Duplicate Emails in Microsoft Outlook

Are there numerous replica emails on your Inbox?

If you receive, ship and control your e mail messages in Microsoft Outlook, you’ll have confronted a trouble of too many duplicate emails for your Inbox. Frequently you get hold of hundreds of reproduction email copies without any reasons. When you have to reinstall your pc and retrieving e mail messages with the aid of Outlook, you will obtain thousands of replica electronic mail copies you already had. When you synchronize Outlook along with your mobile gadgets (PDA, Palm, Windows Mobile and Smart Phone, etc.), it makes many replica electronic mail copies in Outlook folders CD duplication.

A lot of usage space turned into occupied by a huge numbers of duplicate emails, and these duplicate messages will slow Outlook down.

Microsoft Outlook does not consist of any features to search and delete replica emails in a single folder or across several folders. You have to waste a number of time to finding out replica emails manually and then deleting lots of emails by using hand. For avoiding any incorrect deletion, you need to carefully evaluate each electronic mail message one after the other earlier than deleting. It’s horrible! The work will pressure you loopy!

How to cast off reproduction emails now?

You need a powerful, smooth-to-use and automated device that will help you for locating, evaluating and deleting all reproduction emails every time.

Remove Duplicate Emails is a powerful, smooth-to-use and automated software program for looking and processing of reproduction e-mail messages and posts in Microsoft Outlook folders and mailboxes.

It works on Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista, Windows 2008 and Windows 7, and helps Microsoft Office Outlook 2007 and Outlook 2003.

It is an add-in and integrates without delay into Outlook for smooth get admission to. You can definitely open Outlook and click button to starting up it.

Remove Duplicate Emails may be used to robotically search for and method duplicate electronic mail messages and posts in every person folder or throughout a collection of folders according to their precedence. It has an clean-to-use Wizard, the process is very easy. Everything you have to do is to follow Wizard’s instructions.

A reproduction message determined may be:

Deleted (circulate to Deleted Items folder)

Deleted completely

Marked with flag

Copied to any folder you select

Moved to any folder you choose


High-speed searching and processing (delete, mark, reproduction, move).

More than one Million e mail messages and posts supported.

Compare attachments and connected files of every duplicate electronic mail.

Multiple formats of an electronic mail message or publish are well matched, along with HTML, RTF, simple TEXT and extra.

Settings of a selected receipt time variety for messages and posts to be processed.

Easy to alternate the option: Work for all customers in this computer, or most effective paintings for the modern consumer.

Easy to allow or disable this addin.

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