July 1, 2022

Being successful at getting a security job is very different these days to what it was a few years ago. You use to be able to have basic knowledge and get on-the-job training, which enabled you to be a night guard or to be a door supervisor. So much has changed and now all security personnel have to undergo SIA license training and obtain their certification and license before they can apply for any positions of this nature.

The SIA (Security Industry Authority) requires that everyone working within the security sector hold a valid license. The Security Industry Authority is responsible for the regulation of the private security sector, which includes compulsory licenses. The easiest way to consider this is similar to a personal license, which is compulsory for anyone who sells alcohol. They have now added this compulsory licensing to those looking for positions within the security industry, ensuring they have adequate training and can handle situations effectively.

There are a wide range of security positions available once you have completed the SIA license training and obtained your license from the Security Industry Authority, which takes approximately twenty five days. Remember you need to complete the relevant forms and submit with your payment to receive your license.

One of the positions you may be interested in is close protection security. This is the name given to bodyguards. You may be responsible for protecting a celebrity while they visit your town or you may be responsible for protecting a high value business person. For this position you need to have outstanding observation skills and the SIA license training will provide you with everything you need to know on how to handle situations and how to keep your client safe at all times.

Door Supervisor positions are high in demand. These positions are often referred to as “bouncers.” Bouncers are responsible for ensuring they allow the correct people into a builder and ensure that those leaving do so in an orderly manner. They are also responsible for diffusing situations, such as arguments or fights in a professional and efficient manner.

The SIA license training programme provides door chauffeur in London supervisors with the knowledge on how to identify problems, what to watch out for and how to dissolve a problem before it escalates. If you are looking at becoming a door supervisor at a top night club, you will also need to understand the importance of age restrictions and checking driving licenses to identify age before allowing anyone to enter.

Security guards are used by companies throughout the country to protect visitors, staff and assets. Security guards are responsible in ensuring the building is safe at all times from thieves and vandalism. Again with SIA license training you will get the necessary tools to help you identify problems, what to watch out for and how to improve your observation skills to keep you, your customers and the property safe at all times.

CCTV operators have an exceptionally important position and many think this is a boring job that doesn’t offer any sense of achievement. The truth is that as a CCTV operator you have to have outstanding observation skills, you need to know what to look for when identifying people on the screen and you need to be aware and on guard at all times.

Positions of this nature, when combined with SIA license training are used in a variety of industries from private sectors, such as buildings, offices and business people to airports and even special events, such as concerts, sporting events and more. There are so many possibilities once you have the adequate training and certification in place.

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